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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I swear it never seems to end!

So I came out to the shop a few minutes ago to listen to the baseball game and do a little blogging. But before I could sit down I had to research why there was water trickling out of my gun locker...

That's right, there was water running across my shop floor that seemed to be originating from my gun locker! Argh! I opened it up and started pulling out rifles that were sitting in puddles in the protective foam of the floor of the locker. Where the hell's all this water coming from?

Its coming from the humidifier bag that I keep hanging up inside the locker to absorb the moisture. But the bag has a hole in the bottom so the water that has been collecting has been running out of the bag and down the metal of two of my favorite rifles. The Taurus looks terrible with most of the finish on the receiver ruined and the Savage/Stevens single-shot has rust damage to the barrel and receiver. Great!

Everything is sitting out now, airing out and I suppose I'll have to look into getting those two rifles cleaned up and re-blued or refinished somehow. I hate that I have to keep my guns outside just because the spousal unit is afraid of them even when they are locked securely in a locker.

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